Resources and Reminders:

* Registration is open for the April 7, 2018 Rotary Leadership Institute in Muncy, Pennsylvania (near Williamsport). Traditionally our club tries to cover tuition for any members who attend. If you are interested, please let Ken Martin know. Additional information is available at
* The summer youth fair is Saturday, Feb. 17 from 10 am to 2 pm. Volunteers are needed in the morning and afternoon shifts. A signup sheet went around the room for volunteers. The fundraising committee is also asking for donations of baked goods, crockpots, and roasters.
* The wine auction is Feb. 16 from 7 pm to 9 pm at Charlie Hackett’s house. Bring cash, a checkbook, or your credit card. There will be a credit card machine. Bring an appetizer and two bottles of wine: one to share and one to auction. An email will go out shortly with Charlie’s address.
Meeting Notes
Rotary Club of State College/Downtown
February 8, 2018
Call to Order: 
The meeting was called to order by President Jason Browne at 12:07 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four Way Test.

Guests and Visitors:

No guests or visitors today.

Happy Bucks:

* Don Bedell said that tomorrow at the State Theatre, Rock the 80’s will raise money for the Bob Perks fund. His band, Frackwater Jack, and other bands will perform. The show starts at 7 pm and tickets are still available.
* Brittany Ferrizzi said she and her fiancé are celebrating her birthday this weekend, probably with dinner and a movie. Her actual birthday is next Tuesday.
* Rob Schmidt’s mother passed away last Wednesday. She was 94 years young. When she was 47, she was diagnosed with breast cancer but fought it. Her doctor at the time said she would probably pass from a respiratory ailment. And she got the flue. She would be worth a million happy bucks.
* Terry Shoemaker has only one word to say and spelled it out: EAGLES!
* Carl Hill said last Saturday was our 29th anniversary youth dinner picnic. Seventy youth from the district were there. Carl assured the club that he is not pregnant. He has been diagnosed with rectal cancer and will be doing low-level radiation. He doesn’t want said faces and he will continue to taunt and yell at us as he always has.

Ramada waiter pulled ticket number 274. Brian Christian pulled the nine of spades. There are only nine cards left and the raffle is pushing $1,000!

Rotarian of the Week -
Monica Wright: Monica works in fundraising for the Centre County United Way and they achieved their campaign goals this year of $1.8 million. Ninety-two percent of that will go into our community. Monica is the eldest of six kids, so she spent a lot of time raising them which is why she doesn’t have one of her own.

When her friend couldn’t get pregnant with a second child, Monica donated her eggs to her friend so she could carry a child to birth. She isnow a 10 ½-year-old girl who calls Monica “Mommyca.”

Monica was an Army Reservist for six years as a nurse.

She went for her doctorate and is happily ABD (all but dissertation. She taught undergraduate and graduate courses in education, psychology, and statistics at Penn State.

She is currently focused on building resources for the United Way. She serves on the board of Paws, and they are having a comedy night fundraiser soon.

She is on the charity ball committee for Mount Nittany Medical Center. It’s on Saturday, Feb. 24, which is also her birthday and she will be working at the ball. Tickets for the ball are still available.

No auction item today. There will be two next week.


Prospective members Karen Gregg and Meg Clouser’s 10-day vetting period for membership starts today.

Jason Brown gave an update on the club committee goals.

Community Service has done one optional project per month and is working on another one. Ja Nae is struggling to find another in-meeting service activity, so the next activity might be at a nonprofit’s location. If you know of any nonprofits that we could help at a club meeting (such as Polar Express) or on site to do service, let Ja Nae know.

Fellowship is planning to hold an activity with a young professional group by the end of June, and host two fellowship events that can double as bring-a-guest events. We might do something with Discovery Space, Spikes, and an activity for people who like to golf.

The Finance Committee completed the audit and wrote down the audit procedures. They held a session about how our finances work.

The Foundation Committee will hold a new foundation dinner event. It will be a casino night on May 18 at Mountain View Country Club.

Foundation Minute -
An amazing story of how a Rotary Peace Fellow is helping to change the world.

ElsaMarie D’Silva of Mumbai began her career as a flight attendant, eventually rising to become vice president of a planning network for one of India’s largest airlines.  Learning about the fatal 2012 gang rape of a young woman in Delhi, an unusually heinous crime that led to public outrage, D’Silva made a dramatic career change.

She is now the founder and CEO of the Red Dot Foundation which works with nongovernmental organizations in India, Nepal and Kenya to address street harassment and violence against women.  In addition to community workshops, the foundation empowers women to document catcalling, groping, and other incidents through an online crowd mapping platform called Safecity.

D’Silva was a Rotary Peace Fellow at Chulalongkorm University in Bangkok.  There she learned that the work she does is actually peace building.  Through her foundation she is trying to help people understand gender stereotypes that reinforce toxic masculinity on a daily basis.  Safecity gives victims a safe space to discuss this and understand each other’s point of view.  I also helps them navigate these complex issues and become agents of change.

Your contribution to the Rotary Peace Fellows enables this to happen. Thank you. 

Classification Talk by Brittany Ferrizzi

Brittany was born in Feb. 13 in Emmaus, PA. She has two younger sisters, both married. One is a college cheerleader. She is a huge Penn State fan and an Eagles fan. She is happy about their Super Bowl win.

Brittany was a cheerleader for 13 years.

She went to Lock Haven University to be a teacher. She always thought she would go to Penn State, be a cheerleader, and then teach.

When she was at Lock Haven, she was a member of Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, which is focused around teaching. She is currently a chapter advisor.

She was almost named Nittany Lynn because it sounded like Nittany Lion. Her mom compromised and named her Brittany because it was close to Nittany.

She is getting married to her boyfriend of three years.

She loves Lularoe and animals. She has a five-year-old Corgi named Charlie. She rescued him from Paws. He does not like snow that is bigger than him.

Her brother-in-law is a Marine and came back from deployment two weeks ago.

Brittany is a stroke survivor and it caused her to miss the last part of her junior semester of college. She had a brain bleed that affected her focus and motion.

She had to take the summer to do rehab. She did physical therapy and occupational therapy. She will be participating in a run in Washington DC to raise money and awareness of strokes.

Her mother is a cardiac nurse so she was able to catch Brittany’s stroke.

Brittany’s background is in minor league baseball.

She started as an intern at Lehigh Valley and sometimes danced around as a ketchup bottle. She did a full-time internship with the Reading Fightin’ Phils as a box office intern. She then worked at Erie Bayhawks as an account executive. The Bayhawks was a minor league basketball team. She found that basketball was a different world and prefers baseball. She then went to the Spikes and has been there for two years. She is the only female executive on staff.

She eventually wants to work at a school athletics department.

Adjournment -
Jason adjourned the meeting at 12:58 pm.

Rotarians of the Week
Feb 15 –
Melissa Aungst
Feb 22 –
Harry Zimbler
March 1 –
Chuck Apgar
March 8 –
Heidi Wrights
March 15 –
Mark Bamat
March 22 –
Zach Barton
March 29 –
Don Bedell
April 5 –
Mark Blonski
April 12 –
Michelle Brandt

February Birthdays:
Feb. 3 –
Jim Prowant
Feb. 4 –
Jason Jackson
Feb. 5 –
Heather Sanford
Feb. 6 –
Chad Maholtz
Feb. 10 –
Jim Eberly
Feb. 13 –
Brittany Ferrizzi
Feb. 22 –
Myra Sletson
Feb. 22 –
Ja Nae Wian
Feb. 23 –
Monica Wright

Club Membership Anniversaries:
Stephanie Fost –
4 years
Wendy Vinhage –
2 years