Meeting Notes
Rotary Club of State College/Downtown
November 1, 2018
Ramada Inn and Conference Center
Resources and Reminders

Polar Express is coming up! Volunteers needed at the State College Municipal Building on Saturday, Dec. 1 from 11 am to 3 pm; Dec. 2 pm to 4:20 pm; Saturday, Dec. 8 from 11 am to 3 pm; and Sunday, Dec. 9 from 2 pm to 4:30 pm.

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order by President Ken Martin at 12:06 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four Way Test.

Guests and Visitors:

  • Amy Koll, prospective member
  • Monika Manter, guest of Bruce Rogers and vice president at Balfurd.

Happy Bucks:

  • Meg Moose is happy that Amy Koll brought her son and helped put up the Shelter Box. Meg is hosting Duda for the week, and Amy has new kittens!
  • Harry Zimbler’s hair is becoming curly because of his new medication.

Foundation Minute: 
Communities around the world are making a difference at home and across the seas. Right now, they feed the hungry, tutor disadvantaged children, maintain parks and playgrounds and more.  Since the installation of more than 175 solar lights, families living on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, USA can now read, work, and study long after the sun sets.  Rotary helps Tanzanians with albinism find safe futures. It offers Judo for Brazilian youth as an escape from the slums; in Canada, Rotary clubs help refugees start new lives and in Australia clubs help end domestic violence.

Rotarian of the Week:
Becky Koleno has been in Rotary for three years. She is the mother of six kids and is active in organizations that support children and animals. She runs a nonprofit at her farm for a girls’ homeless shelter. She owns the Royal Pet Resort and Buffalo Run Farm.


Soap, a salt spa certificate, and pumpkin cream in a basket was sold to Meg Moose for $59.

A pumpkin mug, autumn bowls, magnets, lotion, soap, and a Wegman’s gift certificate was sold to Rainer Domalski for $50.

Program: Kelly Wike, ShelterBox

Kelly is a past district governor, district trainer, a major Rotary donor, a Paul Harris Society member, and has hosted 10 youth exchange students.

ShelterBox is an emergency kit for people who experience natural disasters and nearly or completely lose their homes. The program stared with Rotary in 2004.

ShelterBox used to be provided to families if they lost their house and absolutely everything. Now, if a family’s house is damaged, they receive a ShelterBox kit. Some items in the kit include a Luminade, which gives you the ability to have solar powered electricity.

The tents provided by ShelterBox last 18 months

ShelterBox has been to the Philippines 25 times and is helping people affected by the recent typhoon. It is the 18th typhoon to hit the area this year.

The flooding in Kenya has displaced 3,000 people. 127 households have received ShelterBoxes.

There are always ShelterBox supplies stationed around the world.

Kelly would like the club to be a ShelterBox Hero, meaning our club contributes to ShelterBox annually. $1,000 – Bronze; $3,000 – Silver; $5,000 – gold and hold a family of 10.

Some items that are included in a ShelterBox include waterproof blankets, water filter, tools (saw, hatchet, hammer, wrench, knife), protractor, compass, mosquito net, activies for children, kitchen supplies (pan, spoons, hats, scarves, cloves, stove).

Adjournment – The meeting ended at 12:57 pm.

Rotarians of the Week

Nov. 15 - Ken Martin
Nov. 22 – No meeting. Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov. 29 – Amanda McClellan
Dec. 6 – Meg Moose
Dec. 13 – Hugh Mose
Dec. 20 – Gary Peterson
Dec. 27 – Paul Podwika
Jan. 3 – Jim Prowant
Jan. 10 – Bruce Rogers
Jan. 17 – Heather Sanford
Jan. 24 – Janet Santostefano
Jan. 31 – Rob Schmidt
Feb. 7 – Terry Shoemaker
Feb. 14 – Myra Sletson
Feb. 21 – Chris Smith
Feb. 28 – Kat Snowe
Mar. 7 – Brad Stone
Mar. 14 – Cathy Taylor
November Birthdays:

Nov. 26 – Chris Turley
Nov. 26 – Cherryie Wisyanski
Nov. 30 – Joe Geise

Club Membership Anniversaries:

Joe Geise – 32 years
Dick Held – 27 years
George Trudeau – 14 years
Frank Gatto – 13 years
Becky Koleno – 3 years
Brittany Cox – 2 years
Brittany Ferrizzi – 1 year
Cathy Taylor – 1 year