Resources and Reminders:

* Registration is open for the April 7, 2018 Rotary Leadership Institute in Muncy, Pennsylvania (near Williamsport).  Traditionally our club tries to cover tuition for any members who attend.  If interested, please let Ken Martin know.  Additional information is available at
* The holiday auction is next week, December 14. Please bring an item to auction. Money will benefit the Rotary Foundation.
Meeting Notes
Rotary Club of State College/Downtown
November 30, 2017

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Jason Browne at 12:05 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four Way Test.

Guests and Visitors:
- Wyatt Troxell, visiting Rotarian from Lewisburg Sunrise Club and guest of Heidi Wrights
- JP Geise, visiting Rotarian from State College Sunrise Club and guest of Joe Geise
- Kevin Hickman, prospective member and guest of Hugh Mose
- Brittany Ferrizzi, prospective member and guest of Heidi Wrights

Happy Bucks:

* Irene Miller gave free parking passes for the downtown garages for Polar Plunge this weekend.
* Chris Potalivo’s company secured his largest data client in the Catalina Islands
* Carol Walsh will be delivering poinsettias tomorrow and was happy to see Jolene Hindman on the front page of the Johnstown Tribune giving out a STEM grant
* Joe Geise was happy it was his birthday
* Nicohl Geszvain will have her birthday on Saturday during Polar Express
* Ja Nae Wian is happy to be working with Seven Mountains Media selling advertising
* Ken Hickman spent the last 21 years as a Rotarian and is happy to be a Rotarian in such a great community
* Frank Gatto is glad to be back
* Chuck Apgar had a good first Friday with the Boy Scouts and had Thanksgiving with both sides of the family. His brother is coming home for propeller school.
* Don Bedell said he is so happy to have Ja Nae working at Seven Mountains Media and he is going to see Todd Rundgren in concert. He has seen him at least 30 times in concert.

50-50: Brodie Dalton drew ticket 1650274. George Trudeau pulled the non-winning card. 

Rotarian of the Week – Myra Sletson
Myra is originally from New York City. Her husband brought her here. They have a sugar bush farm. Myra is a senior vice president and regional credit officer in Northwest Bank in State College. She likes to sing, play guitar, crochet, and read a lot.

Auction – A gift card to Tap House was sold to Bruce Rogers for $50.

- When we donate to the Rotary Foundation, the money comes back to our club in three years as money for grants that we can give to projects by the Boys Scouts, Women’s Resource Center and Tap Root Kitchen. The money we give to the Foundation also supports worldwide efforts such as clean water, polio eradication and microloans to help women start businesses

- Our holiday party will be 7 pm to 9 pm, December 20, at Gary Brytczuk’s home.

- Our Comedy Club fundraiser will be January 26 at the Ramada.

- Our Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser will be April 4 at the Mt. Nittany United Methodist Church in Lemont.

- Our club has money to give to worthy organizations. If there are organizations you think we should support, let Tracy know. The past presidents make the final decision.

- Don Bedell passed out sheets for Rotary T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, polos. Let him know if you want to order any.

Foundation Minute (not actually presented at meeting)

Good News!   As of November there have only been 15 reported cases of polio in the world - Rotary leaders, top health experts, and celebrities met for World Polio Day in Seattle, Washington and agreed that the paralyzing disease has never been closer to being eradicated globally.

The cases, which remain in Afghanistan and Pakistan, are the lowest count of polio cases in history.  Every year 2.2 billion vaccine doses are delivered to 430 million children through a sophisticated vaccine supply and logistics network.   This is accomplished by thousands of Rotary members, volunteers and front-line health workers. Everywhere around the world, Rotarians show us with their quiet but inspiring determination, how it can make it possible for 16 million children to be alive and walking.

And the effort continues; this year Rotary committed to raising $50 million over the next three years with every dollar matched by two dollars from the Gates Foundation.  This agreement will yield up to $450 million for the eradication effort. 

Many of these funds will be raised in creative ways:  The Rotary Club of Viljoenskroon, South Africa put End Polio Now piggy banks in local businesses, and in Brazil, the Rotaract Club of Curitiba Oeste, Parana put on a rock concert and donated all ticket sales to End Polio Now.  All in all Rotarians are holding more than 2700 events like these worldwide.

The effort to eradicate polio continues – and we are almost there.  Please give generously so that we can finally CELEBRATE! its extinction.  

Paul Harris Fellow Recognition

Four Rotarians were awarded Paul Harris Fellowships on Thursday. Wendy Vinhage became one for the first time. Jason Browne earned his Paul Harris Fellow plus two, meaning that he has donated $3,000 to the Rotary Foundation. Ken Martin earned his Paul Harris Fellowship plus three, meaning that he was donated $4,000 to the Rotary Foundation. Rich Lysle earned his Paul Harris Fellowship plus four, meaning that he has donated $5,000 to the Rotary Foundation.

Our club has 28 Paul Harris Fellows and 20 of them are multiple Paul Harris Fellows.

Five members of our club are major donors. (That means they have given $10,000 each.)

Presentation of New Member

Jason Browne presented Brittany Ferrizzi with her red badge. Heidi Wrights is her sponsor.

Classification Talk: Alan Schaffranek

Alan recently accepted a new position. He is from Lily, PA and moved to State College 20 years ago. He met his husband at a service fraternity and were together ever since. They married two years ago and they work from home. They work for Tassl, where Alan is an engagement specialist. Tassl’s mission is to build affordable technologies that simplify how engagement is measured to help support network strategies and value. It’s a better way to see how well people engage in something. Tassl centralizes your data into buckets and sub-categories for more effective data analysis and insights. Tassl has tools that make it easier for you to understand your data.

Alan loves to fish, hunt, kayak and is a fan of modern dance. He teaches boot camp high intensity training fitness.

Meeting Adjourned: 1:00 pm

Rotarians of the Week
Dec. 7 - Chris Smith
Dec. 14 – Kat Snowe
Dec. 21 – Joe Thomas
Dec. 24 – George Trudeau
Jan. 4 – Chris Turley
Jan. 11 – Wendy Vinhage
Jan. 18 – Carol Walsh
Jan 25 – Ja Nae Wian
December Birthdays
Nov 26 – Chris Turley
Nov 26 – Cherryie Wisyanski
Nov 30 – Joe Geisse

December Club Membership Anniversaries
Joe Geise - 31 Years
Dick Held - 26 years
George Trudeau - 13 years
Frank Gatto - 12 years
Becky Koleno - 2 years
Brittany Cox - 1 year