Meeting Notes 
Rotary Club of State College/Downtown 
May 16, 2019 
Ramada Inn and Conference Center 

Resources and Reminders: 

Rotary Club Awards 
Traditionally each year club members vote on a Rotarian of the Year.  Last year Jason expanded the list of available awards.  Ken Martin will have a paper form available at our meeting this week but if you can't make the meetings or would rather complete electronically please use the attached word file. 

Volunteers needed for Trash to Treasure! If you have a few hours to spare between now and June 1, this is an amazing way to support the Centre County United Way. For more information and to sign up: 

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order by President Ken Martin at 12:07 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four Way Test.   

Guests and Visitors 

Heather Sanford, Sunrise Rotary Club 

Asia Major-Waithe, guest speaker 


Happy Bucks: 

  • Heather Sanford his happy to be here and the speaker, Asia, is her friend. 
  • Paul Podwika is headed to Virginia tomorrow to see his daughter get her MBA. 
  • Myra Sletson’s nephew got a job at NASA. 
  • Carol Walsh will be 70 on Saturday. 
  • Danielle Stemple has a new Rotary mentor and is going to visit her sister in Washington DC this weekend. 
  • Rob Schmidt’s son just returned from a deployment in the Baltics. His son has been promoted to commander of his helicopter squad. 

50/50 Raffle 

Joleen Hindman pulled the jack of clubs. 

Rotarian of the Week:
Josh Woods lives in Philipsburg and has worked at the Juniata Valley Council of the Boy Scouts for three years. He used to be a Rotarian in the Huntingdon Club and was the secretary. His wife is the marching band director at Osceola. They have a three-month-old son.  


Two new members have been approved for membership pending their 10-day vetting period: Meghan Buehler and Justine Laniewski  

Hugh Mose had six tickets for sale for the State College Rotary Club’s Rowdy Rotary Auction. 

Hugh reminded everyone to bring a guest to Rotary on May 30. Feel free to bring more than one person! 

Program: Human Trafficking by Asia Major-Waithe  

Asia great up in New York and graduated from Penn State in 2014. She works at Power Training Sports and Fitness. She is in charge of staff development and the boot camp. 

From 2011 to 2012, she went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic and worked at an orphanage. Sewage ran through the orphanage and children had no shoes. 

She noticed there were 60 boys and only 6 girls. She learned the reason there were so few girls was because many were sent to be victims of human trafficking. During the year Asia was there, the Dominican Republic was one of the top countries for human trafficking, especially using girls. She learned later that one of the girls at the orphanage was kidnapped and had a bad ending. 

Asia started volunteering at the Youth Service Bureau and volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters. She worked with at-risk youth at Stormbreak, one of the group homes at the YSB. She said it was the hardest job she ever had. 

Asia attended a conference in Altoona and got in touch with Benjamin Nolot, who has a documentary on Netflix called “Liberated,” which talks about the oversexed generation. 

Asia was one of the coordinators of the human trafficking conference that was held at Harvest Fields earlier this month. Nolot was one of the main speakers. 

The conference was called KNWN, it’s Hebrew, meaning once you know a rampant even, you cannot unknow it. 

The conference raised $6,000 in a week. One of Asia’s clients said he would match $2,000. The police department donated and spoke at the conference. 

Representatives from Bethany Christian Services, Hope Springs, Youth Service Bureau, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Ten Thousand Villages were present.  

Women who were survivors of human trafficking sold hand-made merchandize at the conference.  

Dr. Marlene Carson, a survivor of sex trafficking, said the average age that children start is 13. She has been trafficked in every state in the country except for three. 

She said you should do something you love to fight what you hate. 

Sex trafficking is the largest growing criminal activity in the world. 

Asia is trying to educate people on how to identify human trafficking, such as health care professionals. Nine out of 10 victims interact with a health professional.  

Jason Browne went over some trafficking facts: 

Human trafficking is a form of slavery 

Sex trafficking is when victims are forced to provide sexual acts for other people 

Up to 3,000 people under the age of 18 are lured into the commercial sex trade in the United States every year. 

Every time a football game happens, especially the Super Bowl, people are trafficked. 

The meeting adjourned at 12:59 pm. 

Rotarians of the Week    
May 2 – Carol Walsh    
May 9 – Stephanie VanHorn  
May 16 – Josh Woods    
May 23 – Monica Wright    
May 30 – Heidi Wrights    
June 6 – Harry Zimbler    
June 13 – Melissa Aungst    
June 20 - Mark Bamat   
June 27 - Zach Barton   
July 4 – No meeting  
July 11 – Don Bedell  
July 18 – Mark Blonski  
July 25 – Michelle Brandt  
Aug. 1 – Jason Browne  
Aug. 8 – Gary Brytzcuk  
Aug. 15 – Neal Castles  
Aug. 22 – Brian Christian  
Aug. 29 – Meg Clouser  
Sept. 5 – Brodie Dalton  
Sept. 12 – Rainer Domalski  
Sept. 19 – Kristen Dzvonyicsak  
Sept. 26 – Jim Eberly  
Oct. 3 – Chad Feather  
Oct. 10 – Brittany Ferrizzi  
Oct. 17 – Roger Fetter  
Oct. 24 – Stephanie Fost  
Oct. 31 – Joe Gaetano   

Carol Walsh -- May 19  
Don Bedell – May 21  
Danielle Stemple – May 24  
Hugh Mose – May 28  
Kat Snowe – May 29  

Club Membership Anniversaries:    
Carol Walsh – 27 years  
Meg Moose – 26 years  
Chris Hickey – 20 years  
Rainer Domalski – 17 years  
Ken Martin – 7 years  
Joe Thomas – 7 years  
Myra Sletson – 6 years  
Amanda McClellan – 4 years  
Jason Jackson – 3 years  
Heidi Wrights – 3 years